What is an ERP?

ERP stands for Enterprise Resource Planning, business software that helps to plan the processes within an organisation. An ERP system can help your company, provided that the ERP is adapted to your business processes, wishes and expectations. Every business has its own form and identity, so an ERP must fit like a glove.  

What is an ERP system? 

An ERP is much more than accounting software. It helps to organise your marketing and sales, is also a CRM solution, plans your projects and supports the financial and administrative departments. An ERP system also helps to collect and organise information, thus minimising errors. All data is stored on this central platform, so your entire organisation works with the same data. 

SAP Business One is an ERP system for SMEs

In 2004, the well-known ERP company released SAP SAP Business One . This ERP package is available in 30 languages and applicable in over 150 countries. Many production companies but also retail service, distribution and other types of companies use this software package.

Sector-oriented: ERP with specific applications

SAP Business One is a standard ERP solution. As a Belgian SAP Business One partner Desk Solutions developed  a series of certified add-ons (applications). These include tailermate, a cash register system for retail and wholesale, salesmate, the app that supports the sales process, and itemXtra, which is used to create collections with different sizes and colours more efficiently. Desk Solutions knows the retail and wholesale sector inside out. 

Desk Solutions also supports and distributes the add-ons Mariprojectvariproject and planmateThese packages are made for the professional service and project industry.

By combining an internationally and locally strong ERP, and sector-specific add-ons, we can tailor SAP Business One to your company’s needs, while making sure it will not be outdated too soon.

ERP partner who listens to your needs

Desk Solutions is more than a supplier of software, licenses and hardware. We listen to your needs about the growth of your company and advise how an ERP can provide optimal support.

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