FiAdPro: reliable figures always available

reliable figures always available

A reliable and versatile accounting package with a focus on security and user-friendliness.

Accounting integration

You also have a fully integrated accounting system, complete with an analytical module, budgeting and management of regularisations. FiAdPro is also compatible with MS Office. This means import and export possibilities via Excel, Word templates and extensive merge facilities for your email traffic.

We continuously adjust FiAdPro on the basis of our customers’ comments, analyses and tips. Fully up-to-date with the latest legislation. We are also constantly expanding the package with new, useful functions. Besides, you don't have to switch or reprogram anything. You can start right away!

Online, quick and easy

Thanks to the integration with important Internet sites such as Intervat, your electronic declarations are quick and easy. And electronic banking with FiAdPro also saves time and money. The integrated ISABEL link makes it unnecessary to enter data manually (supplier payments, account statements, etc.). FiAdPro also has an automatic IBAN detection system for European transactions. The result? You save extra costs for foreign payments. Besides, FiAdPro has been adapted to the new European SEPA standard, which cancels charges for payments between 2 SEPA countries.


Due to its enormous versatility, FiAdPro is suitable for almost all Microsoft operating systems and available in Dutch, French and English. You can work with an indefinite number of bookkeeping accounts and, if necessary, with multiple users at the same time. Of course, under optimum safety conditions. With FiAdPro, you also have as many purchase, sales and financial logs as you need. 

Safety and reliability

Security is an absolute priority for FiAdPro. You decide who is allowed to open which accounts, you can block access to certain general ledger and limit the posting and printing of information to certain levels.
It is also possible to simulate business diaries to see what effect certain entries have on your results. After you have transferred it to the history, you can easily delete it again.


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